I had one session with Denise to help with anxiety and relaxation and she was fantastic, helped me enormously, and for the first time in a while I slept solidly after our session and thereafter. Denise is a lovely lady and I highly recommend her services. I would definitely use her again, although she helped me so much with one session, that I don’t need to ! 
Thank you Denise

Natalie Scully

November 2018

I was very skeptical about the whole hypnotherapy thing, I wasn't convinced it was going to work on me and help me with my struggles- it's fair to say I was wrong! I would never have imagine that someone by talking to your own subconscious self can literally change your way of thinking for better, help you deal with your emotions, free you from the daily struggle of overthinking and worrying too much, help you with anxiety and other emotions that you are not able to control at times. Denise was totally amazing, she got me straight away, She connected with me, she understood and most importantly she helped me. It's been almost 3 months since my session and I still feel great, I feel a happier person, I feel relieved. Thank you Denise for your help, you are amazing, I owe you big time. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Denise to other people and I already have done because I know she can help them to become healthier and happier people .

Magdalena Timmins

December 2018

I wouldn't be where i am today without the help of this amazing lady. 
i have had help with anxiety, depression, insomnia and I am looking forward to hypnotherapy for PTSD.

Teena Howard

December 2018

I booked a session with Denise because I suffer with HUGE crippling anxiety but there was one thing I needed a confidence boost for, my babies hospital appointment he was going for a brain scan and I literally had it set in my mind that I wasn’t going, I couldn’t do it! 

Well after one session with this lovely lady, I went, I was fine, I was confident and more to the point. I was me!!! 

Thank you so much! Couldn’t recommend enough!! I can not wait for my next session! 

Kerry Bickerdike

August 2018

I have had 2 sessions now with Denise and throughout both she has helped me to relax massively and talks through the whole session before in detail. She is very professional, positive and easy to talk to which is a huge help when i’m explaining my issues to her! I would certainly recommend Denise and hypnotherapy to anyone and i will definitely be having another session! Thank you again Denise.

Hollie Kneeshaw

September 2018

Denise came to help me as I suffer with anxiety. She helped me to relax the whole session! She was so kind and had such a soothing, claiming voice and After the session I felt like I had slept for hours, so refreshed! that night I had the best night sleep I’ve ever had! Already booked in to see her again! She is fab.

Kelsee James

August 2018

Can’t thank Denise enough for our session . I've felt so calm already. She has helped me so much, Also she is so friendly and makes you feel at ease. Can’t thank Denise enough..

Kelsey Smith

July 2018

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